Your domestic health insurance may not cover you overseas. Purchase affordable travel medical insurance.

International travel insurances are specifically designed to provide excellent coverage for international travel. As international travel health insurance companies specialize in this business, they are able to provide you the services you need, when you need them the most. Travel protection plans also offer worldwide 24 hours emergency assistance in multiple languages. They are usually able to help you get access to legal assistance, prescription drug refills, emergency cash, and much more.You can purchase travel health insurance any time up to the departure date or even after departing for your trip. In most policies, coverage can start as early as the next business day or any future date you specify. As we have a large portfolio of international medical insurance plans, we have many options for anyone traveling abroad from any country or residing any country. You can also purchase the international travel insurance on behalf of any relative, friend, employee or anyone else. Single trip health insurance plans do not require you to have primary medical insurance in your home country to be covered by international health insurance.